Adult Resilience Test


  • Take Resilience Test
  • Results by Email


  • Take Resilience Test
  • Results by Email
  • Personalised Report by Denis Flores
  • 50 Minute Counselling Session

What’s the test like?

The Adult Resilience Test is made up of 75 statements which you will need to answer to what degree you agree or not with them. These questions will allow us to determine your resilience in each one of the 5 dimensions. Using this information you will have a report generated for you which will give you a breakdown of your overall resilience level and the levels at which you are in each of the dimensions.


Most frequent questions and answers

The test will give you an insight into your level of Resilience across 5 dimensions.

Your participation in the resilience assessment is completely confidential. No information about your results will be divulged to anybody else. Denis Flores is bound by the ethical requirements of the psychology profession and the professional standards of the Psychology Professional Board.

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You can see an example report here

Many psychologists want to use the Adult Resilience Test with their clients so we came up with some discount bundles which you can see here

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