Resilience Retreats

Balcony at resilience retreat

What do they involve?

The Retreats will be begin with a Learning Contract to ensure that they cover the overall needs of the participants. In general , they will based on the following learning objectives :

  • Increase awareness of what is meant by resilience and the various models of resilience
  • Understand what setbacks you have experienced and how to learn from them
  • Learn about the methods for improving individual resilience and develop strategies that can be used to build your resilience

Who should attend?

You should consider attending if:

  • You have had a setback in your life and seek to understand how to deal with it through increased awareness of your Resilience
  • You seek to understand how you can develop your Resilience to improve your coping capacity
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Where do they take place?

The vast majority of our resilience retreats take place at our hand picked venues across Spain.

However, we do sometimes offer resilience retreats in other countries around Europe. 

What do they include?

The Resilience Retreats will cover

  • Pre Retreat online Adult Resilience assessment
  • Individual report
  • 3 day workshop (e.g. Thu evening to Sunday afternoon)
  • Maximum 12 participants per workshop ensuring quality facilitation
  • Individual feedback
  • Warranted Psychologist Facilitator
Resilience retreat indoors
Resilient Man at peace in Nature

How do you enrol?

  • Detailed program and venue will be listed on the website
  • Enrolment will be done online, after which we will contact you for a personal introduction.

What will be the cost?

The cost of the three day retreat will be €695 for European destinations

Book a Bespoke Resilience Retreat

Resilient people make resilient organisations. So as well as individual attendance, group bookings are available to organisations who wish to increase their corporate Resilience. Location, cost and dates can be negotiated as necessary.

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