Life's A Jigsaw Too by Denis Flores

"Psychologist, soldier, lover of sailing, traveller and extrovert"

The original “Life’s a Jigsaw” was written by my mother Frances, a life story really, and it chronicled an 83 year history of a young and pretty Maltese woman, bereft of education because of WWII, mother of two boys and two girls, who migrated in 1949 and lived a full life in Australia. After Dad died she became a true feminist, taking charge of the family and taking on board a male companion, who stayed with her until her death. Of the many stories of her life, one stands out for me.

Upon Dad’s burial, after a solemn service and playing of the “Last Post” (for dear old dad was a veteran of Tobruk), she looked at the adjacent graves and declared to all and sundry, “Well, Johnny has finally got what he always wanted, he is lying down between two younger women, but what he doesn’t know, is that when I go, I will be on top of him.” Yes that was my mum, Frances.

So my contribution to the jigsaw is a collection of some fifty anecdotes of events and scenes that I have witnessed and wondered about. They start in 2013, just before I moved back to Malta and cover many countries and cities, all interesting in their own way

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Building Your Resilience: How to Thrive in a Challenging Job

If you are:

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  • Dealing with a difficult boss
  • Part of a team with difficult group dynamics or limited effectiveness
  • Time pressured

…then Building Your Resilience will help you to formulate a plan to perform optimally at
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Building Resilience at Work

Our resilience, or capacity to bounce back and even thrive in pressured times, is critical in
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with the hectic pace of personal lives, resilience is almost a key to survival. Based on sound
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Resilience at Work is a practical and easy-to-read book that can be applied to any job. It
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Building Team Resilience

This book builds on and complements Building Your Resilience as it focuses on teams rather
than individuals. It uses the Resilience at Work (R@W) Team framework to develop a plan
to collectively build resilience within teams. Case studies and anecdotes from the author’s
experience are used to provide practical ideas and strategies that can be easily applied to
groups engaged in either challenging jobs or difficult working environments.

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