Life's A Jigsaw Too by Denis Flores

"Psychologist, soldier, lover of sailing, traveller and extrovert"

The original “Life’s a Jigsaw” was written by my mother Frances, a life story really, and it chronicled an 83 year history of a young and pretty Maltese woman, bereft of education because of WWII, mother of two boys and two girls, who migrated in 1949 and lived a full life in Australia. After Dad died she became a true feminist, taking charge of the family and taking on board a male companion, who stayed with her until her death. Of the many stories of her life, one stands out for me.

Upon Dad’s burial, after a solemn service and playing of the “Last Post” (for dear old dad was a veteran of Tobruk), she looked at the adjacent graves and declared to all and sundry, “Well, Johnny has finally got what he always wanted, he is lying down between two younger women, but what he doesn’t know, is that when I go, I will be on top of him.” Yes that was my mum, Frances.

So my contribution to the jigsaw is a collection of some fifty anecdotes of events and scenes that I have witnessed and wondered about. They start in 2013, just before I moved back to Malta and cover many countries and cities, all interesting in their own way

Resilience in Schools, Research and Practice - University of Malta

Resilience in Schools, Research and Practice – University of Malta​

ENRETE was a two year ERASMUS PLUS project (2016-2018) consisting of six European partners, the University of Malta (coordinator), University of Rijeke (Croatia), University of Crete (Greece), University of Pavia (Italy), University of Lisbon (Portugal), and University Stefan cel Mare, Suceava (Romania). ENRETE aimed to improve the quality and relevance of higher education by focusing on the development of innovative curricula with high relevance to Europe’s current socio-economic context. The overall aim of the project was to contribute to the creation of learning environments through teacher education that promotes the resilience and growth of marginalised learners by providing them with the tools, resources and learning contexts which facilitate their academic and social and emotional learning and consequently their social inclusion and active citizenship. The project concluded with an international conference at the University of Malta in July 2018, where the outcomes of the project were disseminated to the public. 

The book is the record of the Conference proceedings and presentations. It contains a Prologue by Prof. Michael Unger, Director Resilience Research Centre, Dalhousie University Canada and fifteen of the research papers presented at the Conference. 

The Chapter by Denis Flores and Dasha Simonov is “Resilience and Personality: A Cross Cultural Perspective.”

The book is published by the Centre for Resilience & Socio-Emotional Health, University of Malta, 2020.

How to Purchase?

 If you would like to obtain a copy please send a cheque of Eur 10 payable to Carmel Cefai (Centre for Resilience & Socio-Emotional Health), and post it to the following address: Ms Rachel Spiteri, Room 104, Centre for Resilience & Socio-Emotional Health, Guze Cassar Pullicino Building, University of Malta, Msida MSD 2080, MALTA.

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