50 Minute Counselling Session




What is involved, Where they take place?

These sessions are provided exclusively by Denis Flores, a warranted Organisational Psychologist and the developer of the Resilience Test. Once you have completed the online test and received your report, the opportunity for individual feedback and consultation with Denis will be available. These sessions will be provided on-line.

Why should you sign up to them (Benefits of consultation sessions)?

You will get the opportunity to examine your test results in detail and receive feedback on your scores. This will be supplemented by a discussion on how you may have dealt with previous setbacks and how to improve your resilience. The sessions are convenient, individual, cost effective, private and confidential.

Past successes

Denis has had over ten years experience in working with Resilience and has counselled clients in operationally sensitive roles such as nursing, high risk occupations and managers, sports persons and students.

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